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It has always been expensive to hire movers in the United States. It is indeed true that there are small and big companies, who offers moving services. But, finding a company for a cheaper fee and with a good reputation would be difficult. You really need to exert time and effort just to catch one reputable company, who can offer affordable service fees.

If you find it a bit worrying not to find a moving company, aside from the 9Kilo, then try looking online for the top 10 affordable and cheap moving companies in the United Sates. That would be the easiest and simplest way to catch them. Anyway, before finally deciding and choosing one from the top 10, it would be best for you to first take into consider factors, which may help you choose.

Packing your stuff

If you have unwanted and old stuffs, then you better get rid of them. You do not need to bring those stuffs with you. Why don’t you plan for a garage sale and sell them at a very cheap price. You may even add the money for your moving expenses. If you do not have time for a garage sale, then you may give those items to those who are in need, such as orphanages, charities and victims of calamities. If you can do this, then you can downsize the number of stuffs to pack.

You may also be very creative and resourceful when packing. Instead of buying boxes, why don’t you ask from friends? And then, when packing your belongings, make sure that you will use all the space in that particular box. We must not leave a box with ample spaces because that may even cause damage to the items. It may also affect the durability of the box. Remember that moving companies will need to arrange the boxes accordingly in their truck and they may move or place the box on top of the others.

Scout movers as soon as possible

If possible, you have to avoid a last-minute decision to call for a moving company. When these happen, you may get a more expensive rate and you won’t have a choice, but accept such deals because you are in a rush. You may click this to get a list of the affordable moving companies near you. This is an easy and convenient way of getting a company list.

It could have been better, if you can start scouting for a company as early as you can. This would be very helpful, so that you can still have time to compare which one has the cheapest fee or estimate. And then, you can also book for your moving schedule ahead of time.

Movers from your district

If there are small moving companies in your district, then you may check their rates and ask for an estimate, too. Make sure that they have enough space in their moving truck to keep your boxes. Anyway, small companies have cheaper rates than the big and well-known companies in the United States. In my opinion, it would be a smart decision to hire them, especially if you are moving within the city or state.

These small companies will surely appreciate it when you are willing to hire them for their services. But, before finally having a contract with them, you have to make sure that they have a good reputation. So, you better find that out from the people in your district.

Preliminary Screening

One of the most effective ways to find out if the moving company is a trusted one, is through, where you may check, if the company has been blacklisted or has a good reputation. That page is under the organizations of the government as well as consumer protection groups.

It would be a great idea, if you can read reviews from the previous clients of the moving company. You can always find customer reviews from newspapers, magazines and official websites of the company. This would be very helpful, especially, if you cannot get recommendations from your family and friends.

Get an Estimate

If you are going to ask for an estimate by simply talking to the customer service over the phone or chatting and e-mailing online, then these will not actually give you an accurate estimate. This is even the best way to give directions and sketches of the exact location of your destination when moving.

It could have been better, if the moving company can come and visit your place for a visual survey. The representative of the company will need to see everything that will be packed and moved. Through this, they will know what type of items you have and they can estimate how many boxes you need.

Do not just rely on one company to come and do the estimate because you do not have another to compare deals and rates. It could have been better, if you can ask for three to four companies for your options. From there, you can then easily pick the one that’s affordable, but with a good reputation.

Extra Fees

There are extra or hidden fees that the company may charge you. One of the most important fee is for the insurance policy, covering a replacement for items damaged or lost while on the move. It could have been better, if you will ask about how your stuff can be protected, so that you will know what to do with your stuffs when something happens. This is very important, so make sure that the company will offer you this service.

The company may also have additional charges for the fuel, excess weight, packing and the materials used. If these fees are too expensive, then you may check the other companies. But, if they have the same rates, then you have to make a way on how you can do the right packing, lessens the weight of the stuffs and get the materials needed, so that you won’t get charged for that.




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