• Piping in Residential Builds

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    Due to the limited life and cost associated with replacing failing galvanized steel pipes in residential construction, building codes in many locations also limit the use of stainless steel pipes. It is not used in residential water systems, but is allowed for drainage. Of course, residential piping doesn’t need to meet the same requirements ares industrial or commercial stainless process piping. But, some builders are pushing for removing restrictions due to the extended life and low-corrosion properties of stainless steel.

    Types of Residential Pipes and Problems

    The two most common types of piping for residential water systems are copper and PVC. Both are readily available and easy to replace. Copper is also durable, relatively leak-proof and long-lasting. Many copper pipes installed in the 60s are still in use today. However, the older copper pipes may also contain lead solder; other than that, there’s a low risk of water contamination. …


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