• Flies could be controlled with simple home treatments

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    In general, flies are attracted to more sweet products. So the sugar should have to be placed with the tightened jar. Once a family is buying sweet or cake, they should not drop eve a bit on the floor, rice and other food items should have to be closed with the plate and the raw ingredients should have to be placed in the tightly closed jars, the grams are very attractive for the flies so the grams should have to be placed in the dark place. The color garments are also attractive for the flies so the garments should have to be placed in the cupboard. All these top 8 ways getting rid of drain flies in home, of course the flies are surrounded in the very next home, it would reach to your home in a short while. So it should be controlled only with the strong poison. Once …

  • How to Identify & Repair Leaky Windows

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    The biggest culprit of air and moisture leaks into your home are improperly sealed windows. Since leaky windows can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost energy, it’s best to do a visual and physical inspection of all windows in your home to identify leaks and to fix them.

    Here’s what you need to know about protecting your home from the elements by repairing leaky windows.

    Start with a Visual Inspection

    One of the quickest ways to spot a leak in your window is to visually inspect them to look for obvious signs of leaks or factors that could contribute to a leak.

    When looking at your windows from the inside, pull up the blinds and move any curtains out of the way so that you have a clear view of the center window. Look for any gaps where air and daylight could be entering the home. You’ll also want …

  • How to Take Control of Your Messy Garage

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    The garage is often one of the messiest areas of the home because individuals love to use this space as a dumping ground. Soon, you may find that you can hardly fit your car into your garage anymore, nor do you know where anything is in the messy piles. If your garage has gotten out of control, use these four steps to clean, reorganize and create a tidy space.

    Clear out Everything

    First, you must start with an empty slate so to speak. This will mean clearing everything out of your garage so you can see the space that you have to work with and can give your garage a general cleaning. During this process, you should throw away or donate anything that you no longer use.

    Designate Areas

    Once the garage is clean and clear, you can determine how you want to use it. For example, you may want …

  • How to care for your wood or engineered wood floor


    Given what a great investment in your home wood floors are, it’s unsurprising that wood flooring in Pietermaritzburg remains a prized and sought after option. To make the most of this investment, follow these tips for keeping your floor looking new.


    Mop up spills or stains with a soft, moisture-absorbing cloth as quickly as possible. Wood stores moisture and can swell. Stains will also result if you don’t mop things up quickly. It could also damage the general finished appearance.

    Do not use wet mops or steam mops – this will only damage it over time. Chances are, your wood flooring in Pietermaritzburg is being exposed to enough moisture from the air as it is.

    Walking on your wood floor

    Wood tolerates most kinds of shoes well, including high heels. It is best not to walk on the floor with heavily studded boots, skates or worn or broken heels …

  • 4 Reasons to Inspect Attic during Home Inspection

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    Maintaining the house attic is, most of the time, neglected by several homeowners but did you know that regular San Diego home inspection and upkeep is crucial? There are a lot of reasons why, as a potential home buyer, you must get the attic inspected. Since it is part of the house, the attic of a house can show evidence of the history and condition of the house and other vital issues that might have been ignored for quite some time.

    Below are 4 reasons why you must have the attic inspected.

    1. Supporting Damage

    Normally, home inspectors don’t inspect roofing, however, if a roof is being regularly checked, it will not necessarily show damages or problems in the structure or support of the attic. But even if the roof looks perfectly fine, the attic can show damaged supports. So inspecting the attic is important so possible damages in the support …


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