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Different Types of Closet Styles

It is vital to understand that we can differentiate three closet types,including wardrobe, reach-in closet, and walk-in closet. You should know that we use all of them for storing our belongings and items such as shoes and clothes, among other things.

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You will find small closets in some households, while others feature a large, walk-in option where you can place all your items. A walk-in is the best approach because you will have a single room for everything you wish to store.

Another important consideration is that the walk-in is not limited to era and time because each option comes with unique features and characteristics you should remember.

In the additional text, we wish to explore different closet styles so that you can determine which one is the best for your particular needs.

1.Walk-in Style

If you live in a large household and have enough free space, we recommend constructing a walk-in closet. Since it requires a large area, you should think about it before you make up your mind.

Of course, large areas will allow you to install a closet on both sides of the roil and rear wall. Therefore, each cabinet will feature shelves and other additions based on your preferences.

  • Small Walk-In Closet – One option is to use a small room that will require at least half its size. It is common in bedrooms since you will need to obtain a large area to get a walk-in option for your requirements. That way, you will be able to enjoy additional space for vanity and dressing.
  • Walk-In Organizers – When it comes to organization, you should know that you need to keep your clothes and other neat and tidy items. That is the main reason why people decide to get organizers to help them with the process. Since walk-in requires plenty of space, you will be able to get a perfect storage area for your belongings.
  • Different Designs – You can choose a specific style and size depending on your needs. The most common size for this particular type of closet should be at least 6.5 feet so that you can access it with ease. However, you will need more space if you wish to implement different islands to maximize its function. It is challenging to determine the corners and angles, which is why you should find a professional organizer who will help you with the process. At the same time, you need to maximize storage capability.
  • Mistakes to Avoid – Based on numerous experts, the worst thing you can do is implement hanging rods all over your storage area. That way, you will waste space you can use for more belongings. It would also help if you implemented a shoe rack inside to make it more useful and appealing.

2.Reach-In Style

Compared with walk-in options, reach-in closets are more common. In most cases, you will find them in the bedrooms or corridors, especially since they do not take too much space. The main idea is to organize it by using shallow depth as the essential aspect.

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Inside you will notice closet organizer systems and shelving that will be next to a wall. It means that you will get the option to place fewer belongings than the types mentioned above.

However, if you arrange it properly, you will be able to place numerous things inside.

  • Dimensions – When it comes to sizes, you should know that reach-in closets are perfect for smaller and medium-sized rooms. Since you can fill them with drawers, poles, open rack, and compartments, you can enjoy the efficiency you will get. By implementing these installments, you can store as many things as you want without overloading them.
  • Design – The design is perfect for small places, corridors, and bedrooms that do not have enough space to implement a walk-in alternative. Besides, this particular type of closet can feature a single rod so that you can hand clothes. You will find a rack above the rod so that you can place other belongings. Since you will have limited space, you will be able to use back walls.
  • Organizers – Since you will get the limited styles due to less space than other options, you should know that you could modify them based on your preference and requirements. We recommend you implement a wire started sets that will adjust so that you can alter and change its style from time to time. If you wish to get additional storage for folded devices and products, you can add a cube drawer.
  • Systems – You can find closet systems that will feature a double-tiered hanging system so that you can use more space than before. If you wish to increase the storage space, it is vital to implement a rack and hooks at the doors’ back.

3.Armoires and Wardrobe

Armories and wardrobes are traditional options that most people have nowadays. They are similar to reach-in, but they require a particular space, which means you cannot place them in small rooms.

It is a standard option in most bedrooms, which is something you already knew. They are generally useful for storing numerous belongings because you can implement additional services, including compartments, baskets, and poles.

Besides, this type of storage will not use doors, which means that it is open for access so that you can reach the stuff with ease.

  • Fitted Design – Since we tend to crave storage to keep our belongings in the bedroom, you can use fitted designs that you can place almost anywhere. For instance, you can use wasted space above your work or study desk as the perfect place for armories and wardrobe storage.

You should watch this video: to learn more about different styles you can implement.

  • Mirrored Design – It is vital to add mirrors within a wardrobe, especially if you are wearing ties and other clothing you wish to check out right away. This particular wardrobe design will allow you to install mirrors on the doors.
  • Wooden Wardrobes – They can come from various materials, including wood. Generally, wooden wardrobes will bring the traditional atmosphere to your household. At the same time, you will get more incredible warmth within your room due to rigid materials.



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