What Does the Contactor on an air conditioning do?

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The contactor on your A/C unit is essentially a switch that prevents power to the unit. While there’s always power at the unit it sits at the contactor waiting to undergo the functioning parts of the condenser just like the motor and compressor. This device controls the flow of electricity to your air conditioning. You’ll consider it sort of a drawbridge that connects a road over a river. When the drawbridge is down, cars can freely drive over the river. When the drawbridge is up, cars must serve either side of the bridge until it’s lowered backtrack.

In the same way, the air conditioner contactor blocks or allows the flow of electricity to your air conditioner’s compressor and motors. When your air conditioning is off, the air conditioner contractors are up, and that they block electricity from reaching your system’s major components. When your thermostat wants to start a cooling cycle, it sends a little voltage to the contactors that lower them and connects the flow of electricity to the remainder of your air conditioning. Once your thermostat is satisfied, it sends another voltage to the contactors that signal them to lift again and disconnect the flow of electricity.

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