Rustic Style for Any Home

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The rustic revolution is taking the designing world by storm. Rustic chandeliers aren’t your average chandeliers. There are not any crystal flourishes or linen lamp shades, but that doesn’t mean simple materials can’t make an impact. Rustic chandeliers tends to be of an earth tone and much more natural looking in the space that it is provided in.

The philosophy behind the country design is comparatively simple. It embraces earthy colors and natural textures, infusing your home with comfort and heat. In this article you will understand what are a number of the principles of rustic design and what makes rustic chandeliers so fascinating in today’s design world.

1. Back to Basics. As the youngest generation grows into adulthood, they do not want to copy the designs of their parents. They are looking for something earthy and natural. Rustic designs make liberal use of wood to make an earthy and natural look. Distressed and reclaimed wood make solid, aesthetically beautiful furniture that appears handmade and natural.

2. Colors. Rustic design is pretty versatile when it involves colors. The color palette employed in rustic aesthetic ranges from the standard brown, beige, cream to the brilliant, striking colors of green, blue, and red.

3. Textiles & Patterns. When it involves textiles, the country design incorporates sturdy fabrics that evoke a natural aesthetic. Different textiles are often placed side-by-side, resulting in a posh but stylish room.

The Heart of Rustic Style

Exposed brick and cement floors are characteristic of an industrial loft; an equivalent way white color palettes and natural light are faithful Scandinavian design. So, of course, the country style has its own nuances, as well. Overall, rustic style is charming and rich in history. Almost everything within the house seems like it’s a past with some real stories to inform. You’ll see it within the distressed wood and matte metals. There’s nothing shiny here. Rustic is rugged, not pretentious. It’s natural and organic, not plastic or manufactured. The materials are sturdy and textured, which is why you’ll see stone round the fireplace and chunky furnishings that welcome you with open arms.

Rustic Lighting for each Room

Face it. You would like lighting in every room, which suggests you’ve got several opportunities to feature rustic style to your home. Whether you would like it to be a press release piece or a fly the wall, all depends on the weather you select and therefore the sort of light fixture you would like in your space.


Pendants are always functional as task lighting, but rustic pendants offer even quite that. With numerous different shapes, sizes and combinations of materials, you’ll find a country pendant light to match any home design.

Where to hold your rustic pendant light: These lighting fixtures are most useful in certain areas of the house. Consider adding a country pendant – or two or three – over your kitchen island, your dining room table, your entryway or your bathtub.


Sconces wear many hats, inside and out of doors the house. Thankfully, rustic style allows for the wall sconce to either be a functional piece on your wrap-around porch or a conversation-starter in your foyer. Typically, rustic sconces are made with iron, wood or glass and are available in earthy colors that slot in on the outside or stand call at a bedroom.



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