Tips to Keep Your New Home Cool In Summer

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Warmer summer temperatures are here and keeping your new home cool inside is all about using some tricks and tips so here are some ideas to help from the builders at Hughes Construction.

Keep inside doors open, you may think that closing off rooms is the best way to insulate parts of the house from the hot weather. When you leave all the inside doors open it allows air to flow freely and this air flow is going to leave the home noticeably cooler.

Just as you open those window blinds to take advantage of the natural heat from the sun in winter your blinds are useful during hot summer days. And with choices like insulated blinds you have the added benefit from your window coverings to help prevent heat loss in winter and keep the house cooler in summer. During the summer closing the blinds prevents heat from penetrating inside your home and it’s recommended you open the windows to allow the cooler evening breezes to keep the temperature down allowing you to enjoy a much more comfortable night’s rest.

When temperatures soar it’s easy to reach for the dial on the air conditioner, why not make good use of your ceiling fans. If your home doesn’t have a ceiling fan consider having one installed, they work well by circulating cool air throughout the home. A ceiling fan set to run counter clockwise at a higher speed will create a wind-chill breeze effect and can translate into savings on your electric bill compared to cranking up the air conditioner.

Who doesn’t enjoy the flavour of barbeque food, nothing quite says summertime like cooking outdoors. There are lots of options for grilling outdoors and virtually anything from steak to pizza can be accomplished on a barbeque, a quick google search will provide tons of great ideas. When you do your cooking outdoors the temperature inside won’t heat up if you’d used your oven or stovetop.

In the bedroom those flannel sheets and fleece blankets that provide good insulation for cold nights can be switched out for better fabrics in the heat of summer. Cotton sheets and lightweight blankets will freshen up your bed, you might even try buckwheat filled pillows for      added comfort. The natural air space between the hulls allow your body heat to escape for a cooler pillow.

Expand your search for ways to keep you new home cool during the summer to include the landscaping around your home. Strategic placement of trees and shrubs can provide shade and minimize the heat from the sun getting inside. Contact your Victoria BC custom home builders to build a home for you that is energy efficient.



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