How to care for your wood or engineered wood floor

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Given what a great investment in your home wood floors are, it’s unsurprising that wood flooring in Pietermaritzburg remains a prized and sought after option. To make the most of this investment, follow these tips for keeping your floor looking new.


Mop up spills or stains with a soft, moisture-absorbing cloth as quickly as possible. Wood stores moisture and can swell. Stains will also result if you don’t mop things up quickly. It could also damage the general finished appearance.

Do not use wet mops or steam mops – this will only damage it over time. Chances are, your wood flooring in Pietermaritzburg is being exposed to enough moisture from the air as it is.

Walking on your wood floor

Wood tolerates most kinds of shoes well, including high heels. It is best not to walk on the floor with heavily studded boots, skates or worn or broken heels though – these wills scratch and possibly dent the surface.

Love your wood by maintaining the lustre

Even the best cared for wood flooring in Pietermaritzburg can lose its luster and shine when not cared for properly, not least due to climatic conditions such as strong sunshine and long periods of humidity. When your floor looks dull, spend the time to give it a quick polish. A good floor installer would be able to recommend a good cleaner that will restore shimmer. Only use wood-friendly products.

Protecting your floor

Close the windows when rain is streaming inside and if you steam the curtains, allow for adequate ventilation to play through the rooms afterwards. Protect your floor from harsh, ongoing periods of sunlight. Faux animal hide throws and rugs are a good idea especially under heavy-footed furniture, or at entrances where foot traffic is heaviest. Also think about putting padding or foam under the furniture legs – this would prevent wood-on-wood or metallic-on-wood scratching.

Also clean the floor regularly with sweeping and floor vacuuming so dust does not settle in the grooves.

A well-cared for wood floor means less sanding down and refinishing and an investment that remains worth its weight in gorgeous wood.



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