Innovative Restaurant and Bar Design Ideas

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Bars and restaurants have always represented traditional meeting places. Thus, their architecture should embrace this very sense of warmth and openness. It can be argued that the centrepiece of such establishments is the physical bar itself. From ordering drinks and chatting with a group of friends to enjoying an appetiser before dinner, these locations can make or break any place of business. Let’s take a look at a handful of unique design concepts to keep in mind, as a bit of personality can go a log way towards guaranteeing a memorable customer experience.

Wraparound Central Bars

Rooms equipped with a great deal of space can often be accentuated with a wraparound bar. These are several advantages to this concept. For instance, the customers are easily able to head up to the counter and order drinks. Bartenders and waiting staff will likewise have a better view of their surroundings; a concern during the busier hours of the day. Finally, a central wraparound bar will represent the focal point of the establishment and it can be easily seen by those passing by on the street.

Light and Airy

One of the issues that bar owners will often encounter with smaller spaces is that they tend to feel confined and restrictive. One way to avoid this appearance is to create a bar that boasts a lightweight and slender appeal. Metallic elements, slimmer stools and open counters will help contribute to such a feel. It is also wise to employ glass and transparent materials. These can provide the illusion of extra space.

A Bespoke Sense of Comfort

Every bar needs to exude a welcoming personality. There is nothing worse than walking into an establishment and immediately feeling “put off” due to a generic and cold ambiance. It could be a wise option to transform a bar so that it exhibits superior levels of comfort. This is even more advantageous when the location in question offers sit-down menus. Plush cushions, barstools with arm rests and private booths are three effective ideas to consider. Of course, this is assuming that the current floor plan allows for such transformations. Even if you are on a limited budget, the addition of soft lighting and an organic colour scheme can have a noticeable impact upon the perceived levels of comfort.

The Contemporary Edge

While comfort is king, we also need to mention that contemporary designs are able to capture the imagination of patrons and keep them coming back for more. This modern appeal will silently reflect a trendy allure; perfect if you happen to be catering to the millennial generation. Muted colour schemes, stainless steel, marble and overhead LED lighting fixtures are all great choices to keep in mind.

Ultimately, any bar should mirror the personality of the owner and the establishment as a whole. Please feel free to incorporate these ideas as you see fit. For even more advice and options options, please speak with an expert at Dawnvale at your convenience.



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