How to Take Control of Your Messy Garage

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The garage is often one of the messiest areas of the home because individuals love to use this space as a dumping ground. Soon, you may find that you can hardly fit your car into your garage anymore, nor do you know where anything is in the messy piles. If your garage has gotten out of control, use these four steps to clean, reorganize and create a tidy space.

Clear out Everything

First, you must start with an empty slate so to speak. This will mean clearing everything out of your garage so you can see the space that you have to work with and can give your garage a general cleaning. During this process, you should throw away or donate anything that you no longer use.

Designate Areas

Once the garage is clean and clear, you can determine how you want to use it. For example, you may want one space to be a carpentry area or a car repair spot. Women may want areas to store decor or to work on crafts or gardening. You may also want to designate zones for lawn care, tools, car care and garbage. By designating specific areas, you will have an easier time keeping your garage organized in the future.

Install Cabinetry

Now is the time to install vertical cabinetry. Garage storage cabinet systems give you an out-of-the-way place to store seasonal decor, tools and gardening supplies. You can also utilize locked cabinets for chemicals. Keep long-term storage products up high and items that you use every week at eye level.

Use Ceilings and Walls

Once you think that you have run out of storage space, turn to your ceilings and walls. Install peg boards and large hooks for hanging tools, rakes, shovels and more. Install hanging hooks from the ceiling for bicycles, and consider overhead storage racks for tubs of decor or clothing.

If you have no idea what is in your garage right now, chances are that this area needs a bit of a cleanup. Almost everyone can benefit from extra shelving, cabinetry or hooks to get messy piles off the floors. Once you increase floor space and split your garage into specific sections, you are ready to put your garage to work for your specific needs. Plus, you may be surprised at the amount of space hiding underneath your messy piles.



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