4 Reasons to Inspect Attic during Home Inspection

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Maintaining the house attic is, most of the time, neglected by several homeowners but did you know that regular San Diego home inspection and upkeep is crucial? There are a lot of reasons why, as a potential home buyer, you must get the attic inspected. Since it is part of the house, the attic of a house can show evidence of the history and condition of the house and other vital issues that might have been ignored for quite some time.

Below are 4 reasons why you must have the attic inspected.

  1. Supporting Damage

Normally, home inspectors don’t inspect roofing, however, if a roof is being regularly checked, it will not necessarily show damages or problems in the structure or support of the attic. But even if the roof looks perfectly fine, the attic can show damaged supports. So inspecting the attic is important so possible damages in the support or overall structure can be determined.

  1. Water Damage

Inspecting the attic can determine if there are stains or organism growth in the wood supports or the attic’s walls, which is a sign of water leaks. It can also show rotten wood due to condensation from water pipes.

  1. Appropriate or Inappropriate Insulation

The attic must be properly insulated, and accomplishing it can be done in many ways. Insulating the attic can help in lowering the heating costs of the house during cold seasons or air conditioning costs during summer. The most common type of insulation is the placement of fiberglass provisions or insulation blowing. Rating a home insulation is done by the R factor. This means that having a high R number means better insulation. You can always tell your home inspector to check out the insulation in the attic if it’s properly installed.

  1. Former Fire Damage

Evidence of the previous fire damage can be determined by inspecting the attic. Rafters that are stained can be a sign of a previous fire damage. Burnt, black or smoky woods can be another sign. Having the wood painted in white can also tell you of a previous fire damage since paint can eliminate the smell and cover the signs of damage.

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