Are landscaping issues causing your wet basement?

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Discovering a wet basement in Victoria BC can be awful, no matter how old your home is. But, how does water find its way to your basement? Although most problems can be due to hydrostatic pressure and poorly sealed foundations, sometimes it can be because of water routing problems and landscaping.

If there is water in your basement, you must know the risks if it is not properly taken care of.
Below are some examples of how wet basements can become much worse than they may seem:

What may appear to be a small volume of water in your basement can be a sign of a bigger issue. As water gets in and out of your basement, it will damage your basement over time. Water can easily erode cement and stone. What may appear to be a mere trickle of water can, in fact, result in a much bigger problem can lead to you building a new foundation for your home. Your home’s foundation is what holds your house up, so preventing such problem from happening is important.

Many bugs and insects live underground. So, having a damp, dark indoor place for them to live in and the breed is something they will surely love. They grow well in damp areas and could soon lead to an infestation if it’s not addressed and handles as early as possible. Having bug infestation isn’t on anybody’s wish list!

Mould and Mildew

Moulds and mildew can be the most harmful consequence of having wet basement walls. Because of this, your family’s health can be jeopardizing and such outcome should not be taken lightly. Black moulds can proliferate in wet areas with low air circulation and can cause various breathing and lung problems like allergies, asthma, eczema, chronic lung infection and sinusitis. Moulds and mildew can be particularly harmful to children and old people.

And lastly, if you are trying to sell your home, a damp basement can push away potential buyers in an instant.
The most obvious means of preventing having a wet basement is to make sure that water doesn’t penetrate in your basement walls. You can prevent this by constantly checking your yard drainage. Determine where the water goes after a rain and make sure it’s not accumulating in any part of your home’s foundation.

Thanks to Wet Coast Drainage Solutions for this information.



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